My husband has erectile dysfunction, I am afraid to talk to him. Please help me.


I am a Cradle Catholic. This is a very difficult subject for me to talk about. My husband has erectile dysfunction, but still wants to have sex. Even though we are in our 70’s and obviously cannot have anymore children, I do not know if it is right or wrong. I am not as affectionate and loving as I would like to be due to this. I am afraid to talk to him about it because I fear it will cause great damage to our 55yr marriage. We are very good Catholics in every other way. Please help me. – Susan



I must tell you that as a loving wife and knowing that your husband is having an Erectile Dysfunction, it is not easy for  your husband or  for you as well. I would suggest that you sit down with him to discuss this issue.  As a loving couple show him he is indeed a special person in your life.

Speak to his doctor about the solution concerning your husband. Discuss possible solutions.  You might also want to ask if the Erectile Dysfunction can be healed.

Pray and ask God for His mercy during this time. The power of prayer comes from God Almighty Who hears all our needs.

Here is a small prayer for your husband:


Almighty and merciful GOD, by Your power and Your Will, drive away from me all the forms of my sickness and disease IF it is your will.
Let the warmth of your love flood my entire being.
I ask this through my Lord, Jesus Christ,

Please know that our God is always available. He can and will answer us according to His perfect will and Heavenly timing.

May God bless you both.

A Catholicview Staff