June 5, 2014

Previous Website

As of April 1, 2018 Catholic View is proud to announce the grand launching of a brand new website!

Features included in the new site include:

  • A brand new design.
  • A comprehensive search feature.
  • A more friendly and functional menu.
  • Easier navigation between pages.
  • The ability to easily share or post articles and/or questions and answers to your Facebook, Twitter account or email a friend.
  • Numerous other features

We invite you to thoroughly explore the site and thank you for visiting!


To visit the prior website:  Click Here

Catholic View has been in existence since 1999 and has experienced tremendous growth with only minor website revisions.   This year it became undeniably apparent that a full renovation was necessary to continue and be compatible with the current internet advances.    Although the new website has replaced the previous one, the prior website will still be available indefinitely so that all prior articles, questions and answers and other information can be read.