I am 73 years old with a Social Security income with plans to work out of my home doing massage therapy.  Do I have to file an income tax return if I will be earning money?

Father Cervantes:I am 73 years old – a widow drawing social security income. I plan to start working out of my home doing a massage type therapy.  Am I obligated to file an income tax return if I haven’t established a business but I will be earning? – Edie

You are an honest person, a believing Christian.  Therefore, any added income that can be recorded must be reported whether you have an official business or not.  Income is income.  Yes, you are obligated to file an income tax return and pay your taxes.  Remember what Jesus said in the Gospel (Matthew 22:15-22, and Mark 12:13-17) “Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.”  Dishonest people do not pay their taxes and therefore will be held accountable to God and civil law.  –  Father Cervantes

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