I was told by a EWTN Priest that we had a demonic obsession. We were given several things and instructions.  Why doesn’t the Church help people who go through these things?

Father Francisco:

I was not able to ask a question on your site.  I have tried several times. Years ago I was told by a priest at EWTN who agreed to meet with us that we had a demonic obsession.  We were given several things and instructions   It was a horrid time and I wonder why the Church doesn’t do more to help or acknowledge people who have genuinely been through these kinds of things but often are alone and left to have people think they are liars or insane.   Thank you for your time – Vicki

You were helped by the priest at Eternal World Television Network (EWTN).  You found the resources necessary for your terrifying experience.  I must tell you as a parish priest that rarely do I encounter people who have either been possessed by evil spirits or have been harassed by demonic forces as you have described (demonic obsession).  So, when someone does report something to that effect, I usually investigate the incident and situation.  And if a simple blessing and exorcism of the house does not solve the perceived demonic obsession, then I will refer the situation to the regional (Archdiocese) exorcist to examine further.  But as I said, rarely in my 34 years as a priest I have ever been confronted by a case like yours.  That is when someone in your situation must invoke the Holy Name of Jesus and place your entire trust in Jesus, and pray in Jesus’ Name to battle demonic obsession and possession.  You were right to contact EWTN and I am thankful to God that they sent a priest to meet with you.  Jesus’ Name is all the weapons we need against demons.  May the Lord protect you always and may the Name of Jesus be ever ready at your lips to drive away all evil.  –  Father Francisco

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