We went through preparation but didn’t follow through on the promise to raise our children Catholic. Both are Christians, but only one is Catholic. Do both need to be Catholic?


When my husband & I married 39 years ago (by a priest), I was a lapsed Catholic & he was a Protestant. We went through prep but didn’t follow through on the promise to raise our children Catholic. About 9 years ago, I returned to the Church, and about four years ago, he converted. I have been to confession several times in the past 9 years, but I did not confess the fact that we didn’t raise our children Catholic. When I was going through an examination of conscience, I saw the question but assumed that the sin had been forgiven as part of one of my earlier confessions. Am I wrong? Do you need both of our children that are faithful Christians, but only one became Catholic.

Thank you, Patsy


I received your email today. Thank you for your time.

As you stated, you were a lapsed Catholic and your husband was a Protestant. Later, you both have returned to the Catholic Church and been to confession several times in the past 9 years. Later however, you did not confess that you did not raise your children in the Catholic Church.

Know that the Church, if you speak to your Priest directly, will gladly talk to you about your children and the worries you have. He will set everything up for them, so do not worry on this. Find peace through prayer. Ask your priest about the things that prey on your mind and know that God knows all things.

You ask if you need to confess this lapse about one of your two children not becoming a Catholic. Pray for her and know that God sees all things, and one day, God will touch her heart as well.

Be proud and move forward in the work of the Lord. In the meantime pray, asking to Him to show you the way to peace and harmony.

May God bless you and keep you strong as you move forward to God.

A Catholic View Staff