Is there any hope of eternal life for me if I committed adultery? Everything I read says I have already “killed my soul”.

After confessing my sins to a Priest he told me my sins were forgiven and reminded me of the woman at the well and  King David committing murder and adultery.  It has been approx. 11 years since I changed my life completely and have  separated myself from all that provoked such sin. I now think of Jesus before every action I take.  I cry regularly for  offending God and I know I truly have a contrite heart because of this.  In addition, when I told the Priest that I felt I  should tell my husband and that he would surely divorce me, he told me to let Jesus take care of it.  I live with the guilt  and I hate myself everyday for offending Our Lord  Jesus Christ and my husband.  We were blessed with a child at that  time that is a loving Catholic and I want to raise this child to not fall to sin as I have and to love Jesus with all his being.   My heart aches for salvation….is it too late for me?  And if so, what else is there left to live for if I have already lost all  that matters…my soul?  I anxiously await your response.

Sincerely, Annie.



I am so sorry to hear you have had so many things happening to you. 

God tells us as long as we have life, we can move ahead by following our God and His love.  You must pray, asking for peace.  And when you pray, ask the Lord for the  forgiveness, truly meaning it, and God will forgive you, and tell you that as “far away as the East is from the West,  HE will forgive you of all sins.   He will continue to love you, as long as you live righteously.  Also remember  that Jesus Christ gave us His life willingly, on a cross for all of us.

Keep moving ahead!!!.  It is never too late to make all things right.   And one bright day in the future, God will take you to your everlasting home where you will live forever and ever because He loves you and wants you to live in glory.

Don’t let the unrighteous steal your soul.  Stay close to God Who sees all things.  Move ahead, knowing that our God cares about you!!!  He has blessed you with a beautiful child and a wonderful husband!

Continue to read the bible and pray.  Keep letting our Heavenly Father come into your life with hope and not with the shame of the pass.  Our God knows all things and will give you forever and forever happiness.   Whenever you become uncertain in this world, just call on the Name of Jesus and He will give you peace and joy because He knows all things.  May God bless you and give you peace as you move forward closer to our Heavenly Father.  Amen!!

Know that you are loved!!!   May God bless you and give you peace as you move forward!  Know that our God is with you always!!

A Catholic View Staff